VHS takes second place for second consecutive year at Northeast Community College Scholastic Contest

Written April 16th, 2014


By Cassie Sonder, Guidance Counselor
On April 7, thirty VHS students traveled to Northeast Community College in Norfolk to take part in the 2014 NECC Scholastic Contest. Each student took one or two tests in specific areas during the morning. Each test area could only have one student from each school and an individual could not be entered into more than two tests. As a team and school, Verdigre was presented with the runner-up plaque for the second consecutive year. Lindsay Holy Family beat Verdigre out of the first-place ranking by only one point. Placing second out of 32 Class D schools is an accomplishment, but for two years in a row should speak loudly about our students and our school.

Individual medalists were the following: Hannah Cook, 1st in American Government and 1st in Public Speaking; Morgan McCormick, 2nd in Automotive Technology; Joseph Dather, 3rd in Body and Frame Dimension Diagnosis; Alex Hollmann, 3rd in Computer Literacy and 1st in Music; Madisen Randa, 3rd in General Science; Haylee Klawitter, 3rd in Geography; Madi Schreier, tied for 2nd in Library Usage, and Kylie Knigge, 3rd in Medical Terminology.

The following are the students competing and the tests they took that day: Ty Breithaupt – Basic Construction;
Andrea Burkhardt – Literature, Applied Mathematics; Hannah Cook – Public Speaking, American Government;
Joseph Dather – Body and Frame Dimension Diagnosis; Carlena Forman – Personal Finance; Franziska Heck – Art
History; Alec Hrbek – Chemistry, Accounting II; David Johnson – Drafting; Rylee Klawitter – Calculus, Physics; Kylie
Knigge – Medical Terminology; Hayden Liska – Accounting I; Morgan McCormick – Automotive Technology; Jacie
Rifer – Vocabulary; Mark Vondracek – Foods and Nutrition, Intoduction to Wellness, Sports, P.E.; Denielle DeSive
– Introduction to Psychology; Kaitlyn Hanvey – Trigonometry, Anatomy and Physiology; Alex Hollmann – Music,
Computer Literacy; Reagan Larsen – Administrative Assistant; Emily Pinkelman – Spanish I, American History; Austen
Ruzicka – Small Engines; Madi Schreier – English Composition, Library Usage; Schyler Forman – SMAW Welding;
Ben Johnson – FCAW Welding; Cole Kopejtka – Biology, Geometry; Greg Rudloff – GMAW Welding, Courtney
Vakoc – World History; Austin Burkhardt – Agri-Science; Haylee Klawitter – Algebra II, Geography; Rhyan Kotrous
– Algebra I; Madisen Randa – General Science.

Congratulations go out to all competitors as well as their teachers!

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