Verdigre pool receives grant

Written June 17th, 2016

From left: Delores Ruzicka, Ryan Vesely and Alisha Bartling

Wildwood Acres Swimming Pool receives almost $20,000 grant

Delores Ruzicka, who serves on the Verdigre Village Board of Trustees, went to a community/economic development meeting where she found out about a possible grant through Knox County that could be used for the Wildwood Acres Swimming Pool in Verdigre. She told the Wildwood Acres Pool Committee and Alisha Bartling, a member of the committee, wrote the grant.

The legwork certainly paid off, if the $19,999 check the village/pool committee received Friday, June 10, is any indication. There is a limited amount of time in which the money must be used (12-18 months), but the refinishing needed at the pool – sandblasting, caulking, painting, fixing cement, replacing decking and pipes and other infrastructure – will ensure that the money is put to good, timely use.
The grant was administered through Knox County for the purpose of travel and tourism, with the key component being a requirement of a brick-and-mortar-style project. The grant was originally intended to provide digital and other signage for towns and villages in Knox County. It was determined that, for Verdigre, the placement and upkeep of such a sign just made it a poor fit, so an alternative project was sought – and found.

“All donations are still very much appreciated and will go a long ways towards refurbishing and sustaining the pool,” said Ryan Vesely, Wildwood Acres Pool Committee chairperson.
Any donations may be directed to Ryan at 107 N. 2nd St., Verdigre,NE 68783.


Wildwood Acres Swimming Pool in Verdigre was almost at capacity during the pool party held Kolach Days’ weekend this year.


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