‘Mark Pischel Memorial’ fundraiser kicks off

Written September 13th, 2012

Pictured, left to right: Principal Chuck Kucera, Dustin Pischel, Kim Pischel, Jacey Pischel and Verdigre School
Foundation President Leroy Hollmann.

The family of Mark Pischel has donated funds to start off a new project, aimed at replacing the press box located at the football field. The project will include a new building that will consist of a press box, concession stand and filming deck. It is going to be built closer to the field and at the 40-yard line. The building that is there now is starting to deteriorate and is so far from the field that it has always been very hard to follow the action from there. Mark always complained that it was impossible to see what was going on when a play was at the west end of the field.

The concession stand is small and there is no good place to film the game from where you can actually cover the action. It will be designed so that concession workers will also be able to watch the action on the field when time allows. Also, the problem of very inadequate electrical outlets in the stand will be alleviated with the project.

“The Verdigre Booster Club has been talking about this project for quite some time already,” said Mitch Mastalir. “The family and friends of Mark feel that there would be no better way to remember the voice of the Hawks and Cougars than to dedicate this building to the man who loved calling the games from high above the field.”

The project will be dedicated as “The Mark Pischel Memorial Press Box” when completed. Donations are appreciated, including any labor or materials. Donations will be handled by the Verdigre School Foundation, whose address is 201 S. 3rd. St., Verdigre, NE 68783.

Donations for this project should be labeled “Press Box Fund.” Contact Mitch Mastalir for more information or with any questions.

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