Lottie Randa honored on 103rd birthday

Written June 17th, 2015


Lottie Randa took a break from Kolach Days events long enough to be celebrated by friends and family on her 103rd birthday. On Sunday, June 14, an open house was hosted by Berta Kinnison and Dan Kinnison at Berta’s bar (The Bohemian Lounge building) where 103 cupcakes from the Verdigre Bakery were enjoyed by Lottie and her friends on her special day.

After the party-goers sang “Happy Birthday” to her, she thanked them politely.

Calls for a speech were heard -“Speech!!…Speech!!”

“They want you to make a speech, Lottie,” said someone near her. “It doesn’t have to be a very long one.”

“I already made it,” responded Lottie. “It was ‘thank you.'”

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