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Display Ad 

 $4.75 per column inch, 2 x 2″ ($19) minimum ( 2 columns wide, 2 inches tall). Any display ad smaller than minimum must run at least four consecutive weeks. Show off your ad in color for an additional .50 per column inch! ($5.25 per column inch)


Minimum $5.00 or 25 cents per word. Paid classifieds will also be placed on The Verdigre Eagle website for no additional charge.

Card of Thanks 

Minimum $5.00 or 23 cents per word.

Card Shower notice 

$5 (+$3 if picture)


$3 each

Bold Face Type 

Additional $1.00 per line

Blind Ad 

(ads with no names) 

additional $1 per week


Minimum $110 for 8 pg. tab or less
12 page tab= $125
16 page tab= $250
20 page tab= $275
Photo charge $3
Folding Charge for inserts = $25

It is true…

That your subscriptions, want ads, etc., play an important part in financing the cost of printing and mailing The Verdigre Eagle to you each week.


Without the support of the merchants who advertise their products and services week after week, there simply would not be a Verdigre Eagle. Their support is an absolute ‘must’ in order for us to operate.


We ask you to look through the pages of your Eagle each week. Learn who the Eagle supporters are. Let them know you realize the important part they play in keeping a newspaper in Verdigre by trading at their place of business.

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