A gift – from one hero to many

Written April 16th, 2014

Richard Kotrous, left, and James Einrem.

A gift – from one hero to many

By Jason Wessendorf
James Einrem of Verdigre recently donated a drawing of his own creation to the American Legion Post 259 in Verdigre, of which he is a member. Being a humble sort of fellow, the only string attached to its donation – the only condition – was if the Post wanted it, making no assumptions regarding such.

His pastel drawing depicts a soldier in Vietnam-era uniform, but it could be any soldier. Head hung low from the physical and mental exhaustion most of us will never experience, the soldier represents what a brave few have endured to protect their fellow Americans from the same.

“I drew this picture in the hope of showing how many soldiers felt during their time in combat,” James said. “They gave their all and more. Family and friends remember all that they sacrificed, as all Americans should remember. One phrase comes to mind – ‘God bless America.’ This is meant for farmers, ranchers, industry people and all who contribute.”

James Einrem is more commonly called “Jim” or “Doc” Einrem by people who know him, the latter referring to his years spent as a veterinarian. He regularly contributed to The Verdigre Eagle and its readers through his column, “Out Behind the Barn,” which featured information about his passion – animal careĀ  – paired with a bit of humor. On the bottom of one such article: “A pair of cows were talking in the field. One says, ‘Have you heard about the mad cow disease that’s going around?’ ‘Yeah,’ the other cow says, ‘Makes me glad I’m a fish!'”

Humorist, artist, animal-lover and more, Jim can also be identified as a veteran of a foreign war, which will always be a part of him as it is a part of all the everyday Americans who answered the call to serve.

“I hope this picture reminds people of the men and women who serve and sacrifice their lives every day,” Jim said. “But, also for those who have lost some of their own sanity. Another phrase comes to mind – ‘Lest We Forget.'”

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