197 turtles come out of shell for race

Written June 17th, 2015

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The annual Doc Walstrom Memorial Day Turtle Race was held Friday, June 12, during the Kolach Day festivities. It began with Jean Walstrom honoring a few special ladies with beautiful flower arrangements, namely Lottie Randa, Liz Maly and Sheri Vech. Lottie was honored for her 103rd birthday (two days away), and Liz and Maly for their years of work keeping the turtle races running smoothly.

A five-generation race started the event with Lottie Randa, her son Don, grandson Kevin, great-grandson Cory and great-great-grandson Ethan. It wasn’t a shock when Lottie’s turtle won, especially considering emcee Gary Vesely wouldn’t let any of the other turtles get near the “finish line.”

Check out this week’s paper for the list of winners!

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